Terms and Conditions

I carry out all editing work in MS Word 2016. Documents will be saved in the “.docx” format unless otherwise requested.

Throughout the editing process, I require that you be available via e-mail to answer any queries that I may have regarding your manuscript.

Work will not begin until both parties have agreed terms and signed a legally binding contract.

Please note that the editing of a manuscript by myself in no way implies that it will be selected for peer review or accepted by a publication. The decisions of journal editors are based on the quality and suitability of a manuscript for that journal and are entirely independent of whether the manuscript has been language-edited.

If I edit your manuscript and then you make further changes to it that you do not allow me to review before you submit it for publication, then the journal or publisher may think that you did not have your manuscript edited. I will not be held responsible for such an outcome. It is your responsibility to give me a chance to review all changes that you make to your manuscript before submission. 

Until I receive full payment for editing your manuscript, I retain copyright ownership of the work that I have done on the manuscript. This means that no journal or publisher can legally publish your work if you have not paid me for my editing. When I receive full payment from you, I no longer have any copyright claims on your work.

Privacy policy: I do not divulge, without written permission, any information relating to my clients. Details of contracts and of projects in progress are held in strictest confidence.