What follows is a comprehensive list of all the 257 manuscripts that I copyedited and proofread during my two years with ETRI Journal.

1. Data Clustering Method Using a Modified Gaussian Kernel Metric and Kernel PCA by Hansung Lee, Jang-Hee Yoo, and Daihee Park

2. Characterization of Fluxing and Hybrid Underfills with Micro-encapsulated Catalyst for Long Pot Life by Yong-Sung Eom, Ji-Hye Son, Keon-Soo Jang, Hak-Sun Lee, Hyun-Cheol Bae, Kwang-Seong Choi, and Heung-Soap Choi

3. A 900 MHz Zero-IF RF Transceiver for IEEE 802.15.4g SUN OFDM Systems by Changwan Kim, Seungsik Lee, and Sangsung Choi

4. Study of Capacitive Tilt Sensor with Metallic Ball by Chang Hwa Lee and Seung Seob Lee

5. New Path-Setup Method for Optical Network-on-Chip by Huaxi Gu, Kai Gao, Zhengyu Wang, Yintang Yang, and Xiaoshan Yu

6. Time-Slotted Scheduling Schemes for Multi-hop Concurrent Transmission in WPANs with Directional Antenna by Muhammad Bilal, Moonsoo Kang, Sayed Chhattan Shah, and Shin-Gak Kang

7. Resource Allocation Scheme for Millimeter Wave-Based WPANs Using Directional Antennas by Meejoung Kim, Yongsun Kim, and Wooyong Lee

8. OFEX Controller to Improve Queueing and User Performance in Multi-bottleneck Networks by Jungang Liu and Oliver W.W. Yang

9. Early Coding Unit-Splitting Termination Algorithm for High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) by Kalyan Goswami, Byung-Gyu Kim, Dongsan Jun, Soon-Heung Jung, and Jin Soo Choi

10. Predicting the Lifespan and Retweet Times of Tweets Based on Multiple Feature Analysis by Yongjin Bae, Pum-Mo Ryu, and Hyunki Kim

11. Domain-Adaptation Technique for Semantic Role Labeling with Structural Learning by Soojong Lim, Changki Lee, Pum-Mo Ryu, Hyunki Kim, Sang Kyu Park, and Dongyul Ra

12. State Machine and Downhill Simplex Approach for Vision-Based Nighttime Vehicle Detection by Kyoung-Ho Choi, Do-Hyun Kim, Kwang-Sup Kim, Jang-Woo Kwon, Sang-Il Lee, Ken Chen, and Jong-Hyun Park

13. Single Image-Based 3D Tree and Growth Models Reconstruction by Jaehwan Kim and Il-Kwon Jeong

14. Joint Estimation of TOA and DOA in IR-UWB System Using Sparse Representation Framework by Fangqiu Wang and Xiaofei Zhang

15. Improved Shamir’s CRT-RSA Algorithm: Revisit with the Modulus Chaining Method by Seungkwang Lee, Dooho Choi, and Yongje Choi

16. A Model-Based Image Steganography Method Using Watson’s Visual Model by Mohammad Fakhredanesh, Reza Safabakhsh, and Mohammad Rahmati

17. Relationship between Service-Related Activities, Service Capability and Market Diffusion: Case of WiBro by Moon-Koo Kim, Jong-Hyun Park, and Jong-Hyun Paik

18. A Compact C-Band 50 W AlGaN/GaN High-Power MMIC Amplifier for Radar Applications by Jin-Cheol Jeong, Dong-Pil Jang, Byoung-Gon Han, and In-Bok Yom

19. Cluster-Based Polarized Spectrum Sharing in Channels with Polarization Mode Dispersion by Dongming Li, Zhimin Zeng, Caili Guo, and Xiaolin Lin

20. Robust Energy Efficiency Power Allocation for Uplink OFDM-Based Cognitive Radio Networks by Jiakuo Zuo, Van Phuong Dao, Yongqiang Bao, Shiliang Fang, Li Zhao, and Cairong Zou

21. High Performance Millimeter-Wave Image Reject Low-Noise Amplifier Using Inter-stage Tunable Resonators by Jihoon Kim and Youngwoo Kwon

22. Intra- and Inter-frame Features for Automatic Speech Recognition by Sung Joo Lee, Byung Ok Kang, Hoon Chung, and Yunkeun Lee

23. Interference-Limited Dynamic Resource Management for an Integrated Satellite/Terrestrial System by Unhee Park, Hee Wook Kim, Dae Sub Oh, and Bon-Jun Ku

24. Efficient Inter Prediction Mode Decision Method for Fast Motion Estimation in High Efficiency Video Coding by Alex Lee, Dongsan Jun, Jongho Kim, Jin Soo Choi, and Jinwoong Kim

25. Efficient ICI Self-Cancellation Scheme for OFDM Systems by Kyung-Hwa Kim and Bangwon Seo

26. Sensing of OFDM Signals in Cognitive Radio Systems with Time Domain Cross-Correlation by Weiyang Xu

27. Reduction of Outage Probability Due to Handover by Mitigating Inter-cell Interference in Long-Term Evolution Networks by Yaseein Soubhi Hussein, Borhanuddin Mohd Ali, Mohd Fadlee A. Rasid, and Aduwati Sali

28. Performance Analysis of Layer Pruning on Sphere Decoding in MIMO Systems by Madurakavi Karthikeyan and D. Saraswady

29. Multi-criteria Evaluation of Mobile Network Sharing Policies in Korea by Young-Keun Song, Hangjung Zo, and Andrew P. Ciganek

30. Impact of Tweets on Box Office Revenue: Focusing on When Tweets are Written by Hyunmi Baek, JoongHo Ahn, and Sehwan Oh

31. New Min-sum LDPC Decoding Algorithm Using SNR-Considered Adaptive Scaling Factors by Yongmin Jung, Yunho Jung, Seongjoo Lee, and Jaeseok Kim

32. Optimal Amplify-and-Forward Scheme for Parallel Relay Networks with Correlated Relay Noise by Binyue Liu and Ye Yang

33. Explicit Formulae for Characteristics of Finite-Capacity M/D/1 Queues by Dong-Won Seo

34. Quantitative Evaluation Method for Etch Sidewall Profile of Through-Silicon Vias (TSVs) by Seung-Nam Son and Sang Jeen Hong

35. Design of Distributed Beamforming for Dual-Hop Multiple-Access Relay Networks by Binyue Liu

36. Thermal-Aware Floorplanning with Min-cut Die Partition for 3D ICs by Cheoljon Jang and Jong-wha Chong

37. Voltage Optimization of Power Delivery Networks through Power Bump and TSV Placement in 3D ICs by Cheoljon Jang and Jong-wha Chong

38. Broadband Finite-Difference Time-Domain Modeling of Plasmonic Organic Photovoltaics by Kyung-Young Jung, Woo-Jun Yoon, Yong Bae Park, Paul R. Berger, and Fernando L. Teixeira

39. Human Action Recognition Based on 3D Human Modeling and Cyclic HMMs by Shian-Ru Ke, Hoang Le Uyen Uyen Thuc, Jenq-Neng Hwang, Jang-Hee Yoo, and Kyoung-Ho Choi

40. ID-Based Optimistic Fair Exchange Scheme Based on RSA by Taek-Young Youn and Ku-Young Chang

41. Efficient Near-Optimal Detectionwith Generalized Sphere Decoder for Blind MU-MIMO Systems by Minjoon Kim, Jangyong Park, Hyunsub Kim, and Jaeseok Kim

42. Energy-Efficiency Power Allocation for Cognitive Radio MIMO-OFDM Systems by Jiakuo Zuo, Van Phuong Dao, Yongqiang Bao, Shiliang Fang, Li Zhao, and Cairong Zou

43. Quad-Band Bandpass Filter Using Quad-Mode Stub-loaded Resonators by Haiwen Liu, Xiaomei Wang, Yan Wang, Shen Li, Yulong Zhao, and Xuehui Guan

44. Robust Sign Recognition System at Subway Stations Using Verification Knowledge by Dongjin Lee, Hosub Yoon, Myung-Ae Chung, and Jaehong Kim

45. Consolidation of Subtasks for Target Task in Pipelined NLP Model by Jeong-Woo Son, Heegeun Yoon, Seong-Bae Park, Keeseong Cho, and Won Ryu

46. Weighted Finite State Transducer-Based Endpoint Detection Using Probabilistic Decision Logic by Hoon Chung, Sung Joo Lee, and Yun Keun Lee

47. Speech Enhancement Using Phase-Dependent A Priori SNR Estimator in Log-Mel Spectral Domain by Yun-Kyung Lee, Jeon Gue Park, Yun Keun Lee, and Oh-Wook Kwon

48. Personalized Healthcare System for Chronic Disease Care in Cloud Environment by Sangjin Jeong, Yong-Woon Kim, and Chan-Hyun Youn

49. Symbiotic Dynamic Memory Balancing for Virtual Machines in Smart TV Systems by Junghoon Kim, Taehun Kim, Changwoo Min, Hyung Kook Jun, Soo Hyung Lee, Won-Tae Kim, and Young Ik Eom

50. Quality Enhancement for Hybrid 3DTV with Mixed Resolution Using Conditional Replenishment Algorithm by Kyeong-Hoon Jung, Min-Suk Bang, Sung-Hoon Kim, Hyon-Gon Choo, and Dong-Wook Kang

51. Congestion-Aware Handover in LTE Systems for Load Balancing in Transport Network by Safdar Nawaz Khan Marwat, Sven Meyer, Thushara Weerawardane, and Carmelita Goerg

52. Two-Microphone Binary Mask Speech Enhancement in Diffuse and Directional Noise Fields by Roohollah Abdipour, Ahmad Akbari, and Mohsen Rahmani

53. Inter-carrier Interference Reduction Scheme for SFBC-OFDM Systems by Kyung-Hwa Kim and Bangwon Seo

54. Novel Hybrid Content Synchronization Scheme for Augmented Broadcasting Services by Soonchoul Kim, Bumsuk Choi, Youngho Jeong, Jinwoo Hong, and Kyuheon Kim

55. Rake-Based Cellular Radar Receiver Design for Moving Target Detection in Multipath Channel by Yeejung Kim, Myungdeuk Jeong, and Youngnam Han

56. Simultaneous Information and Power Transfer Using Magnetic Resonance by Kisong Lee and Dong-Ho Cho

57. Popularity–Based Adaptive Content Delivery Scheme with In-Network Caching by Jeong Yun Kim, Gyu Myoung Lee, and Jun Kyun Choi

58. Extended Trench Gate Superjunction Lateral Power MOSFET for Ultra-Low Specific on-Resistance and High Breakdown Voltage by Doohyung Cho and Kwangsoo Kim

59. Non-resonant Element in Slotted Ground Plane for Multiband Antenna Operation by Cristina Picher, Jaume Anguera, Aurora Andújar, and Adrián Bujalance

60. Design and Analysis of Refractometer Based on Bend Waveguide Structure with Air Trench for Optical Sensor Applications by Jin Hwa Ryu, Woo-Jin Lee, Bong Kuk Lee, Lee-Mi Do, Kang Bok Lee, Nam Kyoung Um, and Kyu-Ha Baek

61. Surface Control of Planarization Layer on Embossed Glass for Light Extraction in OLEDs by Doo-Hee Cho, Jin-Wook Shin, Jaehyun Moon, Seung Koo Park, Chul Woong Joo, Nam Sung Cho, Jin Woo Huh, Jun-Han Han, Jonghee Lee, Hye Yong Chu, and Jeong-Ik Lee

62. Relations among Security Models for Authenticated Key Exchange by Jeong Ok Kwon and Ik Rae Jeong

63. iVisher: Real-Time Detection of Caller ID Spoofing by Jaeseung Song, Hyoungshick Kim, and Athanasios Gkelias

64. Program Cache Busy Time Control Method for Reducing Peak Current Consumption of NAND Flash Memory in SSD Applications by Se-Chun Park, You-Sung Kim, Ho-Youb Cho, Sung-Dae Choi, Mi-Sun Yoon, Tae-Yun Kim, Kun-Woo Park, Jongsun Park, and Soo-Won Kim

65. HF RFID Reader Antenna with Loop Switch for Avoiding Magnetic Coupling by Won-Kyu Choi, Seung-Hwan Jeong, Chan-Won Park, Cheol-Sig Pyo, and Hae-Won Son

66. High-Performance Dual-Circularly Polarized Reflector Antenna Feed by Joo-Young Lim, Jargalsaikhan Nyambayar, Je-Young Yun, Dong-Hyun Kim, Tae-Hyung Kim, Bierng-Chearl Ahn, and Jae-Hoon Bang

67. Mixed-Domain Adaptive Blind Correction of High-Resolution Time-Interleaved ADCs by Munkyo Seo, Eunsoo Nam, and Mark Rodwell

68. Novel Architecture for Efficient Implementation of Dimmable VPPM in VLC Lightings by Jin-Doo Jeong, Sang-Kyu Lim, Il-Soon Jang, Myung-Soon Kim, Tae-Gyu Kang, and Jong-wha Chong

69. Multi-robot Mapping Using Omnidirectional-Vision SLAM Based on Fisheye Images by Yun-Won Choi, Kee-Koo Kwon, Soo-In Lee, Jeong-Won Choi, and Suk-Gyu Lee

70. 3-Level Envelope Delta-Sigma Modulation RF Signal Generator for High-Efficiency Transmitters by Yongho Seo, Youngkyun Cho, Seong Gon Choi, and Changwan Kim

71. Clock Mesh Network Design with Through-Silicon Vias in 3D Integrated Circuits by Kyungin Cho, Cheoljon Jang, and Jong-wha Chong

72. Test Point Insertion with Control Point by Greater Use of Existing Functional Flip-Flops by Joon-Sung Yang and Nur A. Touba

73. Adaptive Resource Allocation for MC-CDMA and OFDMA in Reconfigurable Radio Systems by Yonghoon Choi

74. Cross-Layer Resource Allocation in Multi-interface Multi-channel Wireless Multi-hop Networks by Wei Feng, Suili Feng, Yongzhong Zhang, and Xiaowei Xia

75. Real-Time Precision Vehicle Localization Using Numerical Maps by Seung-Jun Han and Jeongdan Choi

76. Effect of Tactile Feedback for Button GUI on Mobile Touch Devices by Heesook Shin, Jeong-Mook Lim, Jong-Uk Lee, Geehyuk Lee, and Ki-Uk Kyung

77. Dynamic Data Migration in Hybrid Main Memories for In-Memory Big Data Storage by Hai Thanh Mai, Kyoung Hyun Park, Hun Soon Lee, Chang Soo Kim, Miyoung Lee, and Sung Jin Hur

78. Robust Audio Fingerprinting Method Using Prominent Peak Pair Based on Modulated Complex Lapped Transform by Hyoung-Gook Kim and Jin Young Kim

79. Template-Based Reconstruction of Surface Mesh Animation from Point Cloud Animation by Sang Il Park and Seong-Jae Lim

80. Hybrid Model–Based Motion Recognition for Smartphone Users by Beomju Shin, Chulki Kim, Jae Hun Kim, Seok Lee, Changdon kee, and Taikjin Lee

81. Scalable Approach to Failure Analysis of High-Performance Computing Systems by Doaa Shawky

82. Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis on Lai-Massey Scheme by Rui Guo and Chenhui Jin

83. Factors Influencing New Media Subscription Based on Multigroup Analysis of IPTV and DCTV by Sang-ug Kang, Seungbum Park, and Sangwon Lee

84. Effects of Key Drivers on Continuing to Use Digital Convergence Services: Hierarchical Component Approach by Seokin Joung, Eoksoo Han, and Hyunsoo Han

85. Enhanced-Gain Planar Substrate-Integrated Waveguide Cavity-Backed Slot Antenna with Rectangular Slot Window on Superstrate by Hyunseong Kang and Sungjoon Lim

86. Lane Adaptive Recovery for Multiple Lane Faults in Optical Ethernet Link by Kyeong-Eun Han, Sun-Me Kim, and Jonghyun Lee

87. Blind Hopping Phase Estimator in Frequency-Hopped FM and BFSK Systems by Myungsup Kim, Jinsuk Seong, and Seong-Ro Lee

88. Optimal Power Allocation for Channel Estimation of OFDM Uplinks in Time-Varying Channels by Rugui Yao, Yinsheng Liu, Geng Li, and Juan Xu

89. Compact Triple-Band Monopole Antenna for WLAN/WiMAX-Band USB Dongle Applications by Ya Wei Shi, Ling Xiong, and Meng Gang Chen

90. Bandwidth Enhancement of Circularly Polarized Dielectric Resonator Antenna by Ru-Ying Sun

91. Low Complexity Discrete Hartley Transform Precoded OFDM System over Frequency-Selective Fading Channel by Xing Ouyang, Jiyu Jin, Guiyue Jin, and Peng Li

92. Joint Compensation of Transmitter and Receiver IQ Imbalance in OFDM Systems Based on Selective Coefficient Updating by Jafar Rasi, Behzad Mozaffari Tazehkand, and Javad Musevi Niya

93. LDPC Decoding by Failed Check Nodes for Serial Concatenated Code by Seog Kun Yu and Eon Kyeong Joo

94. Novel Filtering Power Divider with External Isolation Resistors by Yun-Long Lu, Shun Wang, Gao-Le Dai, and Kai Li

95. Bandwidth-Efficient Selective Retransmission for MIMO-OFDM Systems by Muhammad Zia, Tamoor Kiani, Nazar A. Saqib, Tariq Shah, and Hasan Mahmood

96. Modeling and Stimulating Node Cooperation in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks by Abbas Arghavani, Mahdi Arghavani, Abolfazl Sargazi, and Mahmood Ahmadi

97. Development of Scent Display and Its Authoring Tool by Jeong Do Kim, Ji Hoon Choi, Seung Ju Lim, Sung Dae Park, Jung Ju Kim, and Chung Hyun Ahn

98. Design of SCR-Based ESD Protection Circuit for 3.3 V I/O and 20 V Power Clamp by Jin Woo Jung and Yong Seo Koo

99. Flexible Prime-Field Genus 2 Hyperelliptic Curve Cryptography Processor with Low Power Consumption and Uniform Power Draw by Hamid-Reza Ahmadi, Ali Afzali-Kusha, Massoud Pedram, and Mahdi Mosaffa

100. New Thermal-Aware Voltage Island Formation for 3D Many-Core Processors by Hyejeong Hong, Jaeil Lim, Hyunyul Lim, and Sungho Kang

101. Basic RF Characteristics of Fishbone-Type Transmission Line Employing Comb-Type Ground Plane (FTLCGP) on PES Substrate for Use in Flexible Passive Circuits by Young Yun, Jang-Hyeon Jeong, Hong Seung Kim, and Nakwon Jang

102. Non-constraining Online Signature Reconstruction System for Persons with Handwriting Problems by Belkacem Abbadi, Messaoud Mostefai, and Adel Oulefki

103. CAWR: Buffer Replacement with Channel-Aware Write Reordering Mechanism for SSDs by Ronghui Wang, Zhiguang Chen, Nong Xiao, Minxuan Zhang, and Weihua Dong

104. A Novel GPU Power Model for Accurate Smartphone Power Breakdown by Young Geun Kim, Minyong Kim, Jae Min Kim, Minyoung Sung, and Sung Woo Chung

105. Novel Technique in Linear Cryptanalysis by Wen-Long Sun and Jie Guan

106. System of Systems Approach to Formal Modeling of CPS for Simulation-Based Analysis by Kyou Ho Lee, Jeong Hee Hong, and Tag Gon Kim

107. Novel Trusted Hierarchy Construction for RFID Sensor–Based MANETs Using ECCs by Adarsh Kumar, Krishna Gopal, and Alok Aggarwal

108. Bargaining-Based Smart Grid Pricing Model for Demand Side Management Scheduling by Youngjae Park and Sungwook Kim

109. Design of Implantable Rectangular Spiral Antenna for Wireless Biotelemetry in MICS Band by Jae-Ho Lee, Dong-Wook Seo, and Hyung Soo Lee

110. Toward High Utilization of Heterogeneous Computing Resources in SNP Detection by Myungeun Lim, Minho Kim, Ho-Youl Jung, Dae-Hee Kim, Jae-Hun Choi, Wan Choi, and Kyu-Chul Lee

111. Dual-Phase Approach to Improve Prediction of Heart Disease in Mobile Environment by Yang Koo Lee, Thi Hong Nhan Vu, and Thanh Ha Le

112. Microdevice for Separation of Circulating Tumor Cells Using Embedded Magnetophoresis with V-shaped Ni-Co Nanowires and Immuno-nanomagnetic Beads by Jeong Won Park, Nae-Rym Lee, Sung Mok Cho, Moon Youn Jung, Chunhwa Ihm, and Dae-Sik Lee

113. Modeling and Simulation of New Encoding Schemes for High-Speed UHF RFID Communication by Sang-Hyun Mo, Ji-Hoon Bae, Chan-Won Park, Hyo-Chan Bang, and Hyung Chul Park

114. Real-Time License Plate Detection in High-Resolution Videos Using Fastest Available Cascade Classifier and Core Patterns by Byung-Gil Han, Jong Taek Lee, Kil-Taek Lim, and Yunsu Chung

115. Seamless Routing and Cooperative Localization of Multiple Mobile Robots for Search and Rescue Application by Chang-Eun Lee, Hyun-Ja Im, Jeong-Min Lim, Young-Jo Cho, and Tae-Kyung Sung

116. Optimal Scheduling of Utility Electric Vehicle Fleet Offering Ancillary Services by Aleksandar Janjic and Lazar Zoran Velimirovic

117. Wind Power Pattern Forecasting Based on Projected Clustering and Classification Methods by Heon Gyu Lee, Minghao Piao, and Yong Ho Shin

118. Generation Expansion Planning Model Supporting Diverse Environmental Policies for Reduction of Greenhouse Gases by Jeong-In Lee, Il-Woo Lee, and Bal-Ho Kim

119. Integrated GIS-Based Logistics Process Monitoring Framework with Convenient Work Processing Environment for Smart Logistics by Yeong-Woong Yu, Hoon Jung, and Hyerim Bae

120. Subspace Projection–Based Clustering and Temporal ACRs Mining on MapReduce for Direct Marketing Service by Heon Gyu Lee, Yong Hoon Choi, Hoon Jung, and Yong Ho Shin

121. Infeed Control Algorithm of Sorting System Using Modified Trapezoidal Velocity Profiles by Ki Hak Kim, Yong Hoon Choi, and Hoon Jung

122. Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction Using N-tuple Selective Mapping Method for MC-CDMA by Sajjad Ali, Zhe Chen, and Fuliang Yin

123. Highly Secure Mobile Devices Assisted with Trusted Cloud Computing Environments by Doohwan Oh, Ilkyu Kim, Keunsoo Kim, Sang-Min Lee, and Won Woo Ro

124. Experimental Study of Capture Effect for Medium Access Control with ALOHA by Selahattin Kosunalp, Paul D. Mitchell, David Grace, and Tim Clarke

125. Protection Management for Guaranteed User-Driven Virtual Circuit Services in Dynamic Multi-domain Environments: Design Issues and Challenges by Huhnkuk Lim

126. Novel Section-Based Joint Network Coding and Scheduling Scheme in WMNs: JNCS by Jae Ryong Cha and Gwang Hun Back

127. Interconnection Technology Based on InSn Solder for Flexible Display Applications by Kwang-Seong Choi, Haksun Lee, Hyun-Cheol Bae, Yong-Sung Eom, and Jin Ho Lee

128. Uncooperative Person Recognition Based on Stochastic Information Updates and Environment Estimators by Hye-Jin Kim, Dohyung Kim, Jaeyeon Lee, and Il-Kwon Jeong

129. Temporal Transfer of Locomotion Style by Yejin Kim, Myunggyu Kim, and Michael Neff

130. Identifying Factors Affecting Behavioral Intent of Potential and Existing N-screen Service Users by Bo-Ram Kwon, Sunghan Ryu, and Young-Gul Kim

131. Information Security and Organizational Performance: Empirical Study of Korean Securities Industry by Heekyung Kong, Suhyun Jung, Insung Lee, and Seung-Jun Yeon

132. Analysis on Co-channel Interference of Human Body Communication Supporting IEEE 802.15.6 BAN Standard by Jung-Hwan Hwang, Tae-Wook Kang, Youn-Tae Kim, and Seong-Ook Park

133. Coverage and Energy Modeling of HetNet Under Base Station On-Off Model by Sida Song, Yongyu Chang, Xianling Wang, and Dacheng Yang

134. Outage Analysis of OFDM-Based Cognitive AF Relay Network in the presence of Narrowband Interference by Samikkannu Rajkumar, V.N. Senthilkumaran, and S.J. Thiruvengadam

135. Energy-Efficient Power Allocation for Cognitive Radio Networks with Joint Overlay and Underlay Spectrum Access Mechanism by Jiakuo Zuo, Li Zhao, Yongqiang Bao, and Cairong Zou

136. Energy-Efficient Quorum-Based MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks by L. Sherly Puspha Annabel and K. Murugan

137. Fast Spectrum Sensing with Coordinate System in Cognitive Radio Networks by Wilaiporn Lee, Kanabadee Srisomboon, and Akara Prayote

138. Hybrid Fuzzy Adaptive Wiener Filtering with Optimization for Intrusion Detection by
Revathi Sujendran and Malathi Arunachalam

139. Securing Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Enhanced Identity-Based Cryptography by Kamal Adli Mehr and Javad Musevi Niya

140. HV-SoP Technology for Maskless Fine-Pitch Bumping Process by Jihye Son, Yong-Sung Eom, Kwang-Seong Choi, Haksun Lee, Hyun-Cheol Bae, and Jin-Ho Lee

141. Software & Contents by Hybrid Linear Closed-Form Solution in Wireless Localization
Seong Yun Cho

142. Classification-Based Approach for Hybridizing Statistical and Rule-Based Machine Translation by Eun-Jin Park, Oh-Woog Kwon, Kangil Kim, and Young-Kil Kim

143. Robust Multi-person Tracking for Real-Time Intelligent Video Surveillance by Jin-Woo Choi, Daesung Moon, and Jang-Hee Yoo

144. Software Pipeline–Based Partitioning Method with Trade-Off between Workload Balance and Communication Optimization by Kai Huang, Siwen Xiu, Min Yu, Xiaomeng Zhang, Rongjie Yan, Xiaolang Yan, and Zhili Liu

145. Secure Mobile Agents in eCommerce with Forward-Secure Undetachable Digital Signatures by Yang Shi, Qinpei Zhao, and Qin Liu

146. Mutual Information Analysis for Three-Phase Dynamic Current Mode Logic against Side-Channel Attack by Hyunmin Kim, Dong-Guk Han, and Seokhie Hong

147. Discrete Multiwavelet–Based Video Watermarking Scheme Using SURF by Leelavathy Narkedamilly, Venkateswara Prasad Evani, and Srinivas Kumar Samayamantula

148. Toward Accurate Road Detection in Challenging Environments Using 3D Point Clouds by Jaemin Byun, Beom-Su Seo, and Jihong Lee

149. Development of Steering Control System for Autonomous Vehicle Using Geometry-Based Path Tracking Algorithm by Myungwook Park, Sangwoo Lee, and Wooyong Han

150. Adaptive Multimodal In-Vehicle Information System for Safe Driving by Hye Sun Park and Kyong-Ho Kim

151. Enhanced Common-Mode Noise Rejection Method Based on Impedance Mismatching Compensation for Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Systems by Won-Jun Hwang, Ki-Yun Kim, and Hyung-Jin Choi

152. Analysis of Single-RF MIMO Receiver with Beam-Switching Antenna by Donghyuk Gwak, Illsoo Sohn, and Seung Hwan Lee

153. Two-Stage Resource Allocation to Improve Utilization of Synchronous OFDM-PON Supporting Service Differentiation by Kyeong-Hwan Doo, Junseong Bang, Man Soo Han, Jonghyun Lee, and Sangsoo Lee

154. Design and Implementation of 256-Point Radix-4 100 Gbit/s FFT Algorithm into FPGA for High-Speed Applications by Gokhan Polat, Sitki Ozturk, and Mehmet Yakut

155. Bandwidth-Efficient Precoding Scheme with Flicker Mitigation for OFDM-Based Visible Light Communications by Byung Wook Kim and Sung-Yoon Jung

156. Hybrid Multicast and Segment-Based Caching for VoD Services in LTE Networks by Kwangjin Choi, Seong Gon Choi, and Jun Kyun Choi

157. Efficient Key Management Protocol for Secure RTMP Video Streaming toward Trusted Quantum Network by Montida Pattaranantakul, Kittichai Sanguannam, Paramin Sangwongngam, and Chalee Vorakulpipat

158. Improved TOA-Based Localization Method with BS Selection Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks by Seungryeol Go and Jong-Wha Chong

159. Energy-Aware Hybrid Cooperative Relaying with Asymmetric Traffic by Jian Chen, Lu Lv, Wenjin Geng, and Yonghong Kuo

160. Blind Source Separation of Instantaneous Mixture of Delayed Sources Using High-Order Taylor Approximation by Wei Zhao, Zhigang Yuan, Yuehong Shen, Yufan Cao, Yimin Wei, Pengcheng Xu, and Wei Jian

161. Improved Reliability-Based Iterative Decoding of LDPC Codes Based on Dynamic Threshold by Ma Zhuo and Du Shuanyi

162. Extracting Graphics Information for Better Video Compression by Kang Woon Hong, Won Ryu, Jun Kyun Choi, and Choong-Gyoo Lim

163. Implementation of Real-Time Post-Processing for High-Quality Stereo Vision by Seungmin Choi, Jae-Chan Jeong, Jiho Chang, Hochul Shin, Eul-Gyoon Lim, Jae Il Cho, and Daehwan Hwang

164. Fine-Motion Estimation Using Ego/Exo-Cameras by Taeyoung Uhm, Minsoo Ryu, and Jong-Il Park

165. Conservative Approximation–Based Full-Search Block Matching Algorithm Architecture for QCIF Digital Video Employing Systolic Array Architecture by Ganapathi Hegde, Amritha Krishna R.S., and Pukhraj Vaya

166. Audio Source Separation Based on Residual Reprojection by Choongsang Cho, Je Woo Kim, and Sangkeun Lee

167. Fully Programmable Memory BIST for Commodity DRAMs by Ilwoong Kim, Woosik Jeong, Dongho Kang, and Sungho Kang

168. Multimodal Interface Based on Novel HMI UI/UX for In-Vehicle Infotainment System by Jinwoo Kim, Jae Hong Ryu, and Tae Man Han

169. MAC Protocols for Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks: Survey by Selahattin Kosunalp

170. Classifying Biomedical Literature Providing Protein Function Evidence by Joon-Ho Lim and Kyu-Chul Lee

171. Heart Sound Localization in Respiratory Sounds Based on Singular Spectrum Analysis and Frequency Features by Malihe Molaie and Mohammad Hassan Moradi

172. IDNet: Beyond All-IP Network by Heeyoung Jung, Wan-Seon Lim, Jungha Hong, Cinyoung Hur, Joochul Lee, Taewan You, Jeesook Eun, Beongok Kwak, Jeongwhan Kim, Hae Sook Jeon, Taewhan KIM, and Woojik Chun

173. Dynamic Resource Adjustment for Coexistence of LAA and Wi-Fi in 5 GHz Unlicensed Bands by Jihoon Choi, Eunkyung Kim, and Sungcheol Chang

174. Mobile Small Cells for Further Enhanced 5G Heterogeneous Networks by Choong-Hee Lee, Sung-Hyung Lee, Kwang-Chun Go, Sung-Min Oh, Jae Sheung Shin, and Jae-Hyun Kim

175. Efficient Interference Control Technology for Vehicular Moving Networks by Sung-Min Oh, Changhee Lee, Jeong-Hwan Lee, Ae-Soon Park, and Jae Sheung Shin

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