Abstract Development Service

I offer an abstract development service, whereby I help ESL authors to develop their abstracts. If you are an ESL author seeking a second opinion on the content and structure of your abstract, then you have come to the right place.

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What is an Abstract?

An abstract is a concise yet comprehensive reflection of what is in a scientific research paper. It must stand alone from the rest of the paper, and readers should be able to understand the key points and results of the research even if they never see the whole paper. The abstract is often the most widely accessed and read portion of a paper. A well-written abstract should encourage the reader to want to read the paper in its entirety.  

In scientific writing, there are two main types of abstract: structured and unstructured — the more common of the two. The following table outlines the typically content to be covered in each of the two considered types:

Structured Abstract Unstructured Abstract










In general, the narrower your research topic, the less likely you are to use a structured format: this is because in a narrow research field, most readers already know the background.