I am a copy editor, and I perform copyediting. Copyediting involves checking written material to correct errors in grammar, spelling, usage, and style. 

I copyedit scientific manuscripts, theses, and dissertations written by English-as-a-second-language (ESL) authors.

I specialize in the fields of information, telecommunications, electronics, and mathematics. 

I offer a comprehensive copyediting service that includes:

  • copyediting,
  • journal-specific formatting,
  • reference formatting,
  • mathematical typesetting,
  • help with responding to peer reviewers’ comments,
  • and free, unlimited Q&A.

To date, I have helped over 270 ESL authors achieve publishing success.


ETRI Journal Front Cover Image.pngFrom May 2014 to May 2016, I worked as the English language editor for ETRI Journal — a publication of the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), Daejeon, Rep. of Korea; ETRI Journal publishes research papers in English in the fields of information, telecommunications, and electronics.


Yonsei University FLI LogoSince December 2016, I have been working as a thesis proofreader for Yonsei University Editing and Translation Services. I have worked on theses and dissertations covering architectural engineering, electrical engineering, integrated technology, and mathematics, among others.



Testimonial #1

“It is my pleasure to recommend Robert Astle as a copy editor. During my submission to IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems (T-ITS), he copyedited my manuscript. He was very professional, and he had a great mathematical background. In addition, he has gained considerable experience working for ETRI Journal. When I asked him about the consistency and grammar of sentences, he always answered sincerely and kindly. Furthermore, he went to considerable lengths to try to understand my manuscript, and we had many discussions about different aspects of the manuscript. He also assisted me in responding to reviewers’ comments during the revision process. In conclusion, I was able to publish my manuscript successfully, and I am very grateful to Robert Astle for his help. I strongly recommend him to whomever it may concern for copyediting and proofreading.” — Samyeul Noh

ITS Journal Front Cover Image

Manuscript title: Decision-Making Framework for Automated Driving in Highway Environments

Relevant Field: Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Target Journal: IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems

Authors: Samyeul Noh and Kyounghwan An

DOI: 10.1109/TITS.2017.2691346

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Welcome to my continuing professional development (CPD) section, where I demonstrate how I am investing my time and money in strengthening my professional credibility. 

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